Meeting on the ledge

(or why I don't get out much…..)

DUG/ EUUG Conference

My second SirsiDynix- based conference in 6 months! I was at CODI in Pittsburgh last November and am  going to the equally-glamorous surroundings of Southampton Solent University for the DUG/ EUUG conference later this week.  Provided all works OK with the laptop (the website assures me that the hotel has wireless networking) I’m planning to blog from there.

That does, of course, partly depend on what SirsiDynix have in store for us. I’m hoping for an announcement that they are going to fall in with the US and give us a UK version of Horizon 7.4.2 with HIP 3.09. That may make us more likely to sign up for SirsiDynix Enterprise when it is released, and would be a more persuasive approach to getting their Horizon customers to consider Symphony…..

The other aspect of the conference will be the merger of DUG and EUUG to form a single user group for SD customers. I think everybody involved is a bit cautious about this due to the very different cultures of the 2 groups. But on the other hand it doesn’t make sense to stay separate as we’re dealing with the same company. All will become clearer by the end of the week – including the new name, always the most difficult thing to decide!


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