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Hard-shoulder running

Yesterday was one of those good days to hide bad news, what with the third runway at Heathrow and the Hudson river plane crash.  Hence a story that the government has agreed to use the hard shoulder of the M6 as an extra carriageway got hidden away in the regional pages.  I wonder how many deaths it will take before they realise that this decision saves money by putting people’s lives at risk? I travel on the M6 fairly regularly, and on most journeys I’ll see a vehicle on the hard shoulder at some point. Indeed I once broke down on the M6 near Stafford myself, and was very grateful for the comparative safety of the hard shoulder. Now, anybody whose vehicle breaks down has nowhere to go, other than under the wheels of some articulated lorry whose driver wasn’t able to stop in time.  There will be a particular risk at night, as some of the sections planned for this are unlit.  No vehicle is invulnerable to mechanical failure, and we should be allowing for this rather than leaping on the cost-saving bandwagon.  Sad to say, but I wonder whether the government will acknowledge the deaths and injuries caused by this decision are their responsibility?


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