Meeting on the ledge

(or why I don't get out much…..)

Capital letters

There’s a story on the BBC news website about someone losing their job for using capital letters in emails for emphasis. We’ve all seen it – someone who believes their own part of the universe is more important than any other part and so sends bombastic emails.  And somehow it is easier to be bombastic via email than on the phone or in person, probably because the other person has no chance of immediate reply….

However it brings to mind another aspect of human behaviour which has always puzzled me. Why do students always turn on the caps lock before typing in their searches on the catalogue? As far as I know, no LMS differentiates between upper and lower case (probably for this reason), and Google certainly doesn’t by default. Yet I see it everyday – if a catalogue PC is rebooted, within a few minutes somebody has come along and turned on the caps lock (or even worse, is laboriously typing with one finger on the shift key!). This isn’t happening in just my current library either – user behaviour was the same in the the previous 3 libraries I’ve worked. As I said, it doesn’t really matter to the system, but I just don’t understand why it happens?????


September 3, 2009 - Posted by | Libraries

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