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Ex Libris marketing

In his new blog, Carl Grant (President of Ex Libris North America) includes an image from Ex Libris new marketing campaign. Rather cheekily, the tagline is ‘Is your library trying to redefine what it means to be innovative?’  (note that is innovative with a small ‘i’).  Taking the reference further,  the illustration is a “depiction of a black-box ILS exploding into a rainbow of new and open-platform options that can be supplied by Ex Libris”.

It sounds rather like someone has been listening to one of those late-night Systems Librarians competitive grumbling events held normally on the last night of  system conferences….  This is targeted marketing aimed at building a potential customer group through being ‘in the know’, something I’ve not seen before in the Library world. Very clever, but when we all live in glass houses quite dangerous!

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