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Perceptions 2008

Marshall Breeding has updated his Perceptions survey,  that he originally took at the end of 2007 looking at the state of the LMS marketplace.  As with last year, I think it is of great value in showing to the suppliers what we as customers think of them – sometimes they get so caught up in their own publicity that I’m not sure they are hearing all of what we tell them.

Once again SirsiDynix doesn’t score too well, possibly due to the loss of confidence in them on the part of their Horizon customers who feel somewhat deserted. Interestingly Horizon itself and their support of it don’t score too badly, but the company does suffer on the question of whether they would be likely to buy the replacement system from them. Even Unicorn/ Symphony customers don’t score it much higher, which indicates the company has an issue it needs to deal with.

As a new Millenium user I’m relieved to see that III and Millenium do significantly better. Marshall Breeding notes the generally positive impression of the company, and indeed a month into the post my own experience supports this.

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