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Bowkers and LibraryThing

I heard yesterday that Cambridge Investment Group, which is the parent company for Bowkers and Proquest, has bought a stake in LibraryThing. Bowkers are now the exclusive worldwide distributor of LibraryThing for Libraries.  Maybe it means that LTfL loses a little of that homegrown aura it had, but on the other hand it means that it becomes a far more sellable thing worldwide with Bowkers behind it – they can offer worldwide marketing and support which LibraryThing was still developing.  It also means that Bowkers continues its move to broaden its product range into library catalogues – it was already reselling Syndetics catalogue enrichment and with LTfL combined it becomes a very attractive offering. Combined with Aquabrowser, which CIG already has some stake in  (although for some reason that is resold by Infor in the UK), they have a very attractive suite of products.  I wonder if they will now be looking at picking up one of the LMS companies – I suspect some of them might be available at an attractive price….?

January 23, 2009 - Posted by | Libraries |

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  1. An interesting time lies ahead I think. Are reaching a point where the mix and match library system is beginning to finally appear? We have Bowker & Infor coming to show us Syndetics and Aquabrowser next month and I will be interested to see if they also touch on LibraryThing. If we have such products as these as the public face of the system will it really matter too much what is going on in the background as long as it meets the library’s operational requirements?

    Comment by Tim | January 23, 2009

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