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Bowkers and LibraryThing

I heard yesterday that Cambridge Investment Group, which is the parent company for Bowkers and Proquest, has bought a stake in LibraryThing. Bowkers are now the exclusive worldwide distributor of LibraryThing for Libraries.  Maybe it means that LTfL loses a little of that homegrown aura it had, but on the other hand it means that it becomes a far more sellable thing worldwide with Bowkers behind it – they can offer worldwide marketing and support which LibraryThing was still developing.  It also means that Bowkers continues its move to broaden its product range into library catalogues – it was already reselling Syndetics catalogue enrichment and with LTfL combined it becomes a very attractive offering. Combined with Aquabrowser, which CIG already has some stake in  (although for some reason that is resold by Infor in the UK), they have a very attractive suite of products.  I wonder if they will now be looking at picking up one of the LMS companies – I suspect some of them might be available at an attractive price….?

January 23, 2009 Posted by | Libraries | | 1 Comment