Meeting on the ledge

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SirsiDynix and Horizon

Some very encouraging news from Ed Riding at SirsiDynix today. There’s a 2009 Horizon Product Plan in planning, and this will include incorporating some of the key international functionality in a new version of Horizon which will also support Sybase 15 and SQL Server 2005. This is a big step forward and seems to indicate that the company is now showing awareness that if they want Horizon customers to remain with them in the long term that they need to continue to support us on Horizon until we can afford (and have time) to migrate to Symphony. Suddenly I’m feeling much more positive about the company than I have for a long time!

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A timely reminder

Our staff newsletter today contains some very wise words:

 “6.2.4 Business Gifts – Business gifts, other than items of very small intrinsic value such as business dairies and calendars, should not be accepted.”

I’m not sure whether we can accept the cattle?

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