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Open Source and Digital Libraries

PTFS have put out a rather interesting press release. The way I read it is that you can get them to install an Open Source LMS (Koha or Evergreen) along with their ArchivalWare digital archiving software and they will support both. Three interesting things emerge from this:

  • PTFS have made explicit the role of the library in managing all those digital information resources that institutions are accumulating
  • They have combined this with the LMS – which has traditionally aided in the control of the paper-based resources and making use of the existing skills in this area already possessed by the staff.
  • They are prepared to support both their own system and the OS LMS – the first firm to do so in the UK that I’m aware of.

I have to applaud their ability to see a market opportunity and their business acuity in seizing it. It could be a massive step forward for what is a comparatively small company in the UK, but it is also a potentially dangerous one for the big LMS suppliers who have been accused by many of becoming a little too complacent in a stable market. Signs of market instability are already there (along with others I’ve been trying to point them out!),  but I suspect the availability of such support will make libraries more likely to ‘make the jump’ to LMS and try out these systems. The explicit linking with the digital resources could also be a valuable pointer to those libraries which have also shared in that complacency…..

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  1. I wonder how that sits with their relationship with SirsiDynix (PTFS supply the “Digital Library” product to SD)?

    Comment by Dave Pattern | July 7, 2008

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