Meeting on the ledge

(or why I don't get out much…..)

DUG/EUUG conference – Friday

I wasn’t able to blog from the conference as planned due to wireless problems in my hotel room, but Internet withdrawal symptoms have led to me finding alternative ways this afternoon…..

Overall, I think, it was a good conference in that the process of DUG and EUUG coming together as one group has continued (although there’s still some way to go), and the SD staff were friendly and good company. In particular I spent a while chatting to Talin Bingham over the conference dinner about the situation for UK Horizon users. Talin, as always, was very open and enthusiastic, putting the case that he has a limited number of developers and tries to allocate them to the most productive tasks for the long-term.

That long-term prognosis for UK Horizon people was not as rosy as I’d hoped on Monday. Axel Kaschte confirmed that the intention is to end Horizon development in the UK at our current 7.3.4. Although 7.4.1 will be available in the US it will not be available in the UK due to the extra cost of adding the UK enhancements. There was some limited good news in that there will be patches, for instance to ensure that 7.3.4 will work with XP service pack 3, and with MS Vista, but we won’t be getting things like EDI ordering that were only brought in with 7.4. Axel got rather a hard reception for this, understandably, and I pointed out to Talin that this abrupt halt to development doesn’t exactly endear SD to its Horizon customers. But this is of course a commercial world and in turn the seeming finality of the decision would make it easier for us to look elsewhere.

There was a lot of talk and previews of SD Enterprise. I didn’t see (maybe I missed?) the whizzy graphical concept map which Aquabrowser has although something of the kind was mentioned, but overall it looked good. The relevance ranking and fuzzy searching was nice. Although there were questions from the floor about a lack of boolean I think in the real world only Librarians use boolean in the OPAC! I’m still not convinced about it being a SaaS product, but this is only definite for version 1, so if my institution was to buy it, the chances are that we could continue to host locally.

More thoughts later when I’ve had chance to reflect on what I’ve heard and look at my scribbled notes…

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