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More job losses at SirsiDynix

News emerged at the weekend of further job losses at the US SirsiDynix offices. Some of the names affected were long-standing support staff who are well known to the customers and held in high regard. Fortunately I’m not aware of any layoffs in the UK office (most of the staff who have gone from there have left of their own accord) but this is another indicator of the worrying situation for we Horizon users.

 Although few customers have yet migrated from Horizon, it appears SirsiDynix are already cutting support for the system. I don’t think an end of life date for Horizon has been announced yet, but it is clear that SirsiDynix are putting the minimum of resources into maintaining it. Combined with the decision not to put resources into allowing non-US customers to have Horizon 7.4.1 this indicates that we are to be ‘encouraged’ to move to another system by steadily reducing support for our existing system.

As a policy this is interesting. SirsiDynix need to cut costs from maintaining 2 large systems, so they obviously need to encourage us to migrate. We’ve been made some very attractive offers to move to Symphony, which other suppliers will find hard to match. However if the decision to look for a new LMS has been forced by low support I would find it difficult to recommend wholeheartedly to my managers that we move to another system from the same suppliers without going out to tender, which SirsiDynix are keen to persuade us not to do. Certainly the reaction of the Horizon email list has been overwhelmingly negative to the news of the job losses and what they may indicate, so this might be the view taken by other libraries. The LMS market continues to be uncertain.

March 25, 2008 - Posted by | Libraries


  1. It’s curious how under the previous regime (Seaport Capital and Pat Sommers), the company was able to support and develop two separate systems and also turn in an extremely healthy profit on the initial investment.

    I won’t name the source, but I’ve been told that Seaport Capital made about a 500% return on their initial investment in Sirsi. When you take into account the money that was spent buying out Dynix and that was then ploughed into the development of Horizon 8.0, it makes you wonder whan on earth Vista EP are up to!

    Like you, I would find it hard to justify a move from Horizon to Unicorn given the way the company has conducted itself in the last 12 months. So much for the emphasis on rebuilding “trust” with it’s customers!

    Comment by Dave Pattern | March 25, 2008

  2. As an aside, the offices in France have been all but shut down: they fired more or less everyone, including local management, only keeping a couple people.
    There was basically no Unicorn customers in France, but a whole lot of Horizon libraries, and a fair number of them are currently looking very closely at Koha… (full disclosure: I will be working for a company supporting Koha after sept. 1st)

    Comment by nicomo | March 25, 2008

  3. You can imagine, of course, how fine this makes the Dynix Classic sites feel as well :_) — q

    Comment by Susan | April 2, 2008

  4. […] Ianhaydock signale des licenciements chez SirsiDynix dans la maison mère aux US. Ces licenciements font suite à une “liquidation” du bureau français et à des départs “volontaires” (un peu poussés, quoi…) dans le bureau GB. Cette fois, il semble que ce soit les fonctions de support-client qui soient particulièrement visées […]

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  6. Interesting tho… the newest round of layoffs just started today. Since employees would not sign non-compete’s, the bigged brained ones in Provo and at Vista have started to fire them.

    Comment by Fred Jayling | May 13, 2008

  7. I have not heard of anyone in Provo office — big-brained or otherwise — who has chosen not to sign the new employment agreement. I have heard of many more employees in Huntsville and St Louis plus some remote employees.

    Comment by anonymouos | May 17, 2008

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