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Amazon and online ordering

I was let down badly by Amazon this Christmas. Despite ordering early in December and assurances from the company that my articles would be delivered before the big day, they never arrived. Worse still, when I contacted them to say how disappointed I was, there was no trace of an apology. Amazon used to be quick and efficient, but I’ll be taking my business elsewhere in future.

However it got me thinking. Online shopping is convenient when it works, but there are several areas where the chain can fail, from the ordering to the packaging to the delivery. In a shop you get to see and handle the goods, but online you buy them on a promise, which Amazon failed this time for me. These firms make their money from reliability – who would order again from a firm which let you down first time? This is the reason I’m so disappointed by Amazon’s complete failure on this occasion. I wonder how many other customers they’ve lost over Christmas for the same reason?

January 1, 2008 - Posted by | General

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