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Jedi Knights?

I just had to include the following quotation from last weeks Times Higher:

 “Librarians are the Jedi Knights of the modern age, committed to reading, interpretation and thinking in a world of ignorance, managerialism and tabloidisation”

It is from an article by Tara Brabazon (Times Higher Nov.16 2007, p.14) . In it she points out the direction UK HE is taking with its focus on economic gains and increasing use of e-resources,  and instead prefers the idea of the independent-minded scholar, exemplified by her Jedi Knights. 

Her article makes a good comparison with another article in the same edition: ‘Libraries dump 2m volumes’ by Rebecca Attwood (p.1),  which gives figures for the number of stock discards HE libraries are making. Cue the usual shock/ horror. Unfortunately we live in that economic world. HE libraries have limited space and once the building is full, every year we have to get rid of at least as many volumes as we buy. At the moment (as Attwood says) many libraries are getting rid of more than we buy in order to fit in the computers and other equipment that the students need to view the electronic resources they need to complete their courses and ready them for life in the ‘big world’. Indeed, we are now told that the millenial generation prefer collaborative learning, so we need to bin all those carrells we bought in the 80s and buy big tables, drawing boards and chairs with wheels instead, which needs even more space.

Hence that idea of the scholar librarian fades even more into the distance. But hey, weren’t the Jedi technology wizards as well?


November 19, 2007 - Posted by | Libraries

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