Meeting on the ledge

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CODI 9/11/7

The conference has just finished, with a fizzle rather than a bang in much the same way as the UK conferences. I chose some very contrasting sessions. The first was on the Symphony API. Why this hasn’t been ‘sold’ to us is a mystery to me as it enables Horizon users to do most of the things that they currently do in SQL via a ‘safer’ interface. The system will let you make the sort of batch changes it was very dangerous to do via SQL, but will stop you if it causes inconsistencies, such as deleting borrowers who have outstanding blocks. This would have been a good answer to all of us worried about losing the ability to write SQL reports, but this doesn’t seem to have got through to the SD staff – I asked 3 of them about the ability to access data through SQL in Symphony: 2 said it couldn’t be done and none mentioned the API…..

The other contrasting session was John Craig on accessing MARC data via SQL. The potential of what he showed us was great even though I missed some of the details on the first run-through. I understand the presentation is up on the CODI wiki so will be downloading it and viewing it again.

As for general impressions about CODI there are some similarities and differences with the UK conferences I’m more used to. The size is the biggest difference: apparently numbers was slightly down this year (something over 600 when they’ve managed over 700 some years), and this gives the ability to run several concurrent sessions. Surprisingly though, it has retained the friendliness we have at the UK conferences – everyone was very open and forthcoming about what they are doing. Amy Terlaga and her team deserve considerable kudos for all this.


November 9, 2007 - Posted by | Libraries

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