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CODI 7/11/7

SirsiDynix have saved up some announcements for CODI. First their partnership with Brainware for a faceted search engine, and secondly some rather interesting offers for converting to Symphony. I won’t give the figures on these figures here as they haven’t been published on the SD website, but suffice it to say that they are better than anything I’ve seen so far. I’ve yet to get confirmation that they apply outside the US as well.

Its good to see the faceted search engine. According to Talin Bingham it should integrate into Horizon/ EPS without having to do regular MARC downloads and reindexing which I suspect might be a problem with other systems. They need to be offering something of this kind to retain market share.

If SirsiDynix’s product strategy is on the up I can’t say the same for their fashion sense however. Pale blue tank tops seem to be the company uniform at CODI this year, and even for somebody as unaware of fashion as I am this doesn’t strike me me as what the natty LMS supplier about town ought to be wearing this year! Or is this just another dimension of Churchills’ 2 nations divided by a common language?

It is interesting to see the comment on my last post from Polaris. I’m not aware of them having had any sales in the UK. Maybe significantly however, even before I saw it one of the other delegates today was talking about them as a contender for their library….

I’m still a bit jet-lagged, having only arrived in Pittsburgh yesterday evening after something like 20 hours travelling (big delays in Chicago), hence I might be able to give more incisive views tomorrow!


November 7, 2007 - Posted by | Libraries


  1. Am I the only one to find this paragraph, from Brainware’s “Products” page, a little chilling:

    The Brainware engine is at the heart of our intelligent solutions for data capture and categorization (our IDC-distiller product family) and search and retrieval (Globalbrain). The Brainware engine is fully protected by a considerable Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio. Thanks to this protection, our customers can buy with confidence that our solutions infringe no patents.

    Comment by circ1 | November 8, 2007

  2. Agreed, it does sound odd. Like one of those legal clauses where you know they are refering to something but they can’t actually mention it…. I’m rather surprised that with such software as Solr around that SD actually needed to form another partnership. But I don’t know the technicalities of it all…..

    Comment by Ian | November 9, 2007

  3. Someone (who will remain nameless) that I’ve spoken to in the last couple of months hinted that one of the reasons why Horizozn 8.0 might have been dropped in favour of Unicorn was that Horizon 8.0 used quite a bit of Open Source software (including Lucene).

    If that were true, then that would imply that the new owners of SD would prefer to keep things as proprietary as possible.

    Comment by Dave Pattern | November 10, 2007

  4. That is certainly the impression that the quote from the Brainware site gives…sound like something from the SCO/Microsoft debacle…

    Comment by | November 14, 2007

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