Meeting on the ledge

(or why I don't get out much…..)


I’m off to CODI on Tuesday. According to the blurb I should be able to get an Internet connection from my hotel room, so my plan is to update this blog from there.

I’m not sure what to expect. SirsiDynix should know that they face an uphill challenge retaining all their Horizon and Dynix customers, so it would be nice to hear a few product announcements about impressive new technology with firm release dates. We all know that they’re working on new OPAC enhancements like every other supplier (and I don’t just mean the overdone Rooms).  I’m looking for something that has the capability of Primo, Aquabrowser or Encore while not requiring extensive behind-the-scenes setup work in Perl. I’m also looking for features to keep my library staff happy, such as ERMS – Serial Solutions system is nice but I want something to integrate with my LMS. I’m concerned that all they might offer is a renamed Unicorn.

 Coincidentally Talis Insight is taking place next week in Birmingham. I’d probably have been going had I not already booked for CODI as they are targeting it at the whole library sector. They seem to be taking a very different position from SirsiDynix: lots of enthusiasm for new technology but from an outsider’s view they don’t seem to be delivering. Things which have been around for a while from other suppliers like enhanced content don’t seem to be there yet. But maybe they too are planning interesting announcements? This could be an interesting week!

Hopefully I’ll be in the position this time next week of having had to exercise my judgement on commercial sensitivity……!


November 4, 2007 - Posted by | Libraries


  1. I’m sorry you are not gonna get to Talis Insight 2007 where you will see what we are actually delivering. Drop me an email and come visit us and see for yourself ….. ?

    Comment by Dave Errington | November 4, 2007

  2. I’m highly impressed that Talis are keeping such a close eye on the market to notice my blog entry. Sounds like I’ll be missing a good event! I’ll certainly be keeping a close eye….

    Comment by Ian | November 5, 2007

  3. I would invite you to check out the Polaris PAC release 3.3 it has many of the features of Aquabrowser sans word cloud. Did you mean, faceted searching. Here are a few links of customers using Polaris. former dynix classic former Horizon

    We also incorporate ajax as a way to display item detailed information without having to leave the result set. The Polaris PAC is standard and there is no behind the scenes jobs or programing required. I would be happy to do a web demo for you.

    Terry Morris, M.L.S.
    Polaris Account Manager

    Comment by Terry Morris | November 7, 2007

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