Meeting on the ledge

(or why I don't get out much…..)


I was chatting to an HR person the other day (not from my own institution) and was surprised that the Internet is even changing the way she works. Apart from online submission of application forms and CVs, she was saying that her department makes a practice of using Google to check information. Although they don’t always have the time to do this as thoroughly as they’d like, she said she knew that some interviewers in the departments she works with often spend a considerable amount of time investigating people on the web. This has the advantage of giving the interviewers more information about the person they are interviewing (and avoiding the outrageous claims some people make on their CVs!) but also suns the risk of giving misleading information. I have an unusual name, but I know of at least 3 other Ian Haydocks on the web. Although I don’t work in pharmaceuticals, play in a band, and have never climbed Kilimanjaro (unfortunately!)  a less than thorough investigation might indicate that I do! Maybe these people need to talk to a good librarian to help them with their search skills…….?


June 19, 2007 - Posted by | General

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