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Government waste policy

This was another one that had me chuckling when I first heard the idea, and now has me astonished that it is still regarded as a ‘goer’ by otherwise sentient people. DEFRA’s proposals are that local councils should microchip our rubbish bins and then bill us for the amount of recyclable waste we put into them. Fine, but what is to stop me putting my recyclable waste into the next house’s waste bin instead, so they get billed? Or them doing the same to me? Has this idea not occurred to anyone or are they under the childish misconception that we are all basically honest and wouldn’t do anything to upset the neighbours?

Maybe hitting our wallets is the only way to get us to do anything, but for this idea to work you would need to change the whole mechanism for waste collection to make it impossible to tamper with the contents of another house’s bin. This in turn puts an end to the current system of residents on the same road all leaving their bins out for collection on a given day and could get very expensive in terms of manpower and equipment….. 


May 24, 2007 - Posted by | General

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  1. Absolutely: and I thought that I was the only oner to see this obvious flaw. My waste ouput is low and I had a spate of an unknown neighbour using my bin as overspill.

    Plus the council being able to link me to the content of my rubbish bin poses civil iberty questions and increases the risk of identity theft

    Comment by John Hardy | November 8, 2007

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