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OPAC Survey

Dave Pattern has published the results of his OPAC survey just in time for the LIS show at which he’s speaking. He’s had some interesting results, highlighting again the fact that librarians are frustrated by the facilities of their OPACs and want to offer more. However many libraries can’t offer things like faceted searching, tagging, comments and so forth because their LMS supplier doesn’t offer it and they don’t have the resource of a technical expert like Dave on the staff.  Dave has theorised that the LMS suppliers are now relying on the creatives to develop new features and then adapting them to fit their own systems if they are successfull.

Another interesting feature is the comparative lack of interest from UK librarians in new features.  I wonder why this is? Lack of time, funding, or just classic British cynicism? Certainly it adds to my impression of the UK HE sector as being over-managed, under-resourced, and in danger of being taken over by Tesco…….


April 17, 2007 - Posted by | Libraries

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  1. they only wanna do you dir. Andreas Tennyson.

    Comment by Andreas Tennyson | October 21, 2007

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