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All roads lead to Rome…..

Including the ones that formerly led to Corinth it seems…….. This afternoon SirsiDynix have announced that Horizon 8/Corinthian is no more and that both Unicorn and Horizon are to be replaced with a new system (built on the 20 year old Unicorn platform) called Rome. Hence much of the money and time (at least 4 years) spent on developing Corinthian have been wasted. Considerable egg on faces at SirsiDynix, and a loss of faith from current and prospective customers.

However maybe now was the time to take it on the chin. Corinthian was nearly 2 years late, and customers were developing doubts about their ability to deliver. Martin Taylor has only recently taken the reins as stand-in manager after the departure of Pat Sommers and he has taken a brave step. If they are to continue as one company they need to bring both sets of customers onto one platform.

But the risks are great: they have already sold Corinthian to several customers, and now need to persuade them to either move to an older system which does not deliver the same feature-set or to wait perhaps another 2-3 years before a stable fully-featured version of Rome is available. And with this track-record they aren’t likely to get  more new customers any time soon. In addition there was a considerable pressure of expectation from existing customers which is being delayed again. As one of these customers I don’t feel too confident in them at the moment……


March 13, 2007 - Posted by | Libraries

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